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Two Clip-Eyelet Nozzle

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Designed to ensure easy installation and minimal maintenance downtime, the No:20570 --- two Clip-Eyelet nozzle assebly simply snaps onto an existing header.The nozzle tip is then installed,aligned and secured by twisting the cap --- all by hand.The essembly is affixed to the header by a spring grade satainless steel clamp which fits a 1’’,1 – 1/4’’ , 1/2'’ or 2’’ pipe

Whether you’re remowing the entire essembly or or just  changing a spray tip,you! Save time with the Clip-Eleyet nozzle assembly. All of the assembly’b parts are designed for easy handling.They’re clearly marked for quick identification, fit snugly into place, alinge asily, and require minimal attention.

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Double clamp and large inlet options

The standart two Clip-Eyelet nozzle assembly offers greaterflexibility with the addition of double clamp and largerpipe inlet designs.The double clamp configuration enables spraying operationsto sustain pressures up to 150 psi while the larger pipe inletsize for 21/32’’ poenings, eliminates the need for netrofit seals.Each essembly is available with single or double clampconfigurations and a choice of two inlet sizes to accomondate  9/16’’ (14,5mm) or 21/32’’(17mm) daimeter drill holes.

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Built to whitstand high tempature and corrosion

Along with convenience, the two Clip-Eyelet nozzle assemblyoffers the consistent spray patterns,ecen coverage, andchemical resistance needed for effective cleaning, coanting,and rinsing.Manufactured of glass-reinforced polypropylene,the nozzleassembly withhstands high tempatures and resistscorrosion.It can operate at liquid temperatures u ptop 180 F at100 psi (82 C at 7 bar) in the double clamp desing

Ball-type spray tips allow precise direction of Flat or hollow cone spray

More than 30 diffrent configurations of spray tips areavailable for the two Clip-Eyelet nozzle assembly,These ball-type flat and hollow cone spray tips allow the spray pattern tobe directed very precisely at the surfaces being sprayed.The spraytips feature spray angles from 15 to 80 with capacities ranging from35 to 12,2 gpm (1,2 to 461/min)

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Several additional spray tip options for Extra versatility

For added versatility, options include a threaded ball that accepts a wide variety of convertional nozzles: a blank spray tip which stops the  flow of liquid; and a Promaxi ball for use with Promaxi Fullet Weelet,and whirljet spray tips.

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spray nozzles


Spray Tips for the Two Clip-Eyelet’’Nozzle Assembly and HP Eyelet nozzle Assembly

Flat Spray Tips Standard Angle Spray Specifications


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Two Clip-Eyelet Nozzle Assembly Specifications

Two Clip-Eyelet Nozzle Assembly Options             Full Cone Nozzle



Spray Tips for the ProMaxi Two Clip-Eyelet Nozzle Assembly and ProMaxi HP Eyelet Two Nozzle Asembly continued

Promaxi Quick Whirljet  Spray tips standart Angle And Wide Angle Hollow Cone Spray Specifications

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Spray Tips for the ProMaxi Two Clip-Eyelet Nozzle Assembly and ProMaxi HP Two Eyelet Nozzle Assembly continued

Promaxi Quick Whirljet Spray Tips standart Angle And

Wide Angle Hollow Cone Spray Specifications Contimued




Windjet air control nozzles speed drying time, prevent overspray

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 Jet nozzles are ideal for excessrinse water and speeding.They can alsa be used for frying crevices andorder hardtoreach areas.Or, mount them  side-by-side to produce an effective  ‘’curtain of air’’ that prevents cleaning or coating chemical carryover.

Designed  for air control applications requiring a single stream,high-impact jet of air, the Model 707 windJet nozzle produces a tightly directed round spray pattern  with minimum noise levels.Its efficient use of air reduces air consumption coast and the nozzle meets OSHA standart 1910.95 for noise and dead-end pressure specifications.

The nozzle is availasle in either ABS plastic,PPS :(polyphenylene sulfide), sturdy aluminum, and stainsteel. A KYNAR (PVDF) version of the nozzle is also  offered.The nozzle is also available in aluminum or  stainless steel for even greater drability and temperature resistance.

 Extended ribs protect the nozzle’s recessed orif against external damage the ribs provide an a should the nozzle be placed against a surface. 1/4’’NPT or BSPT male inlet connection , the can be mounted  in a header or manifonld for applications, or atteched to a hand-held spray manual blow-of applications.

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Our multi-channel Model 727 WindJet nozzle is designed to generate quiet, efficient and controlled distribution of compressed air.Available in ABS plastic, PPS,and aluminum, the nozzle’s air stream is discharged through 16 precision orifices that convert a low-pressure flow of compressed air into a targeted, high velocity stream with uniform air distribution and precisely cantrolled spray pattern irtegrty.Recessed orifices protect against external damage, and also provide an air escape should the nozzle accidentally be placed against a surface.

 A convenien mounting hole provides correct positioning on the header or manifolo for fixed applications.A threaded 1/4’’ NPT or BSPT inlet connection permits attachment of the nozzle to trigger valve spray gun for easy-to-control hand-held operation.The  ABS and PPS Model 727 Windjet nozzle also meet OSHA specifications for dead-end pressure and standart 1910.95 for noise The Model 727 Windjet nozzle is also available in aluminum for applications requiring Greater drability.



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