Memory Spray

memory spray


MEMORY SPRAY® high service life, easy change of nozzles, exact and constant spray direction

The problem

spray nozzles


In modern surface treatment plants and other industrial cleaning processes, spray nozzles are used for wash­ing, cleaning and degreasing as well as processes for phosphating and coating. For the most effective system it is essential to be able to adjust the spray direction in order to reach the critical areas of complexly formed components.

spray nozzles 

spray nozzles

An original system used two 90° elbows to achieve full flexibility, however this was a complicated system and diffi­cult to set. This was replaced by the ball joint system in which the nozzle orfice was integral in the ball and secured by a large nut.

spray nozzles spray nozzles spray nozzles


The major problem witp the ball joint system Is that the spray direction has to be reset after dissasembly of the ball joint. This is a very time consurning procedure which relies on the skill of the engineer to set the nozzle and can lead to a loss of expensive production time. The quality of the pre-treatment process can be impaired in those critical areas if the nozzle position is not reproduced exactly.



 Another serious problem with existing ball joint systems is the tendency of dirt and debris to build up internally and externally thus resulting in the need for frequent changes of the nozzle.

spray nozzles


The solution

MITSUDA  has developed a new system. Its principal features are very easy hand­ling without the need of special tools, high service life but the most important ib the exact and reprodu­cible spray plane location: MEMORY SPRAY®, the intelli­gent nozzle system with the built -in memory.

The system allows the nozzle to be secured in a pre-set location by its self aligning features. Nozzle changes can be carried out in a very short time with the guarantee of correct realignment. Even in areas with limited access the quick release bayonet cap causes no problems for nozzle replacement. Careful thought in the design of the unit allows for optimised flow conditions within the body and reduces the build up of impurities.

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MITSUDA MEMORY SPRAY® the nozzle can be removed or replaced with one twist, the spray direction always stays the same.

spray nozzles


spray nozzles

MEMORY SPRAY® for easy handling in all positions.

.The closed bayonet offers allround

protection against impurities.                                                                                   

.The nozzle cap can be detached by                                                     

only a ‘’twist’’.

.The adjusted spray drection will be

maintained by the ‘’memory effect’’.

.Interlocking and especially pressure

resistant pipe connector.

.Patent pending.


spray nozzles

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